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Kentuckiana Baseball Umpires Association

Professionalism with Integrity

A Bit About Us

The world of sports and athletics thrives when supported by well trained and qualified officiating. The KBUA is a leading Sports Officials Association serving the Louisville Metro area. Our association is committed to providing training, certification, re-certification, and assessments for new and experienced officials who are responsible for promoting safe and fair play for high school athletes.

Sports Ref

K.B.U.A. Hall of Fame Honorary Members 

A special thank you to those who set the standards for us to follow and improve 

Des Avis (2004), Chuck Barnett (2004), Wally Burdette, Mike Chancellor, Bob Dwyer (2002), Jim Dwyer, Lou Frankel, Terry Herbstreith, Gary Ingrahm, Ron Jarboe, Jim King, Pete Mattingly, Marty McDermott (2002), Ronnie Sanford, Mike Schaefer (2005), Felix Wingfield  

KBUA honors all members who have passed; including Bob Dwyer, Bobby Clark, Steve Tompkins, Jim Dwyer, Kenny Eckhardt, Steve Payton, Dave Love, Pat Brown, and Steve French.  We carry you with us as we take the field for each game.

In Memory

Baseball Gloves

Current documents and videos can be found on our training page


KBUA Members

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